Victoria Holdt & Noemi Pfister

Nothing new under the sun – Rauminstallation

„Picture a vacuum
An endless and unmoving blackness


Or the absence, at least
of terror

in amongst all this space,
see that speck of light in the furthest corner,
    gold as pharaoh‘s deathbox

Follow that light with your tired eyes.
It‘s been a long day, I know, but look -

          watch as it flickers
then roars into fullness

Fills the whole frame.
Blazing a fire you can‘t bear the majesty of

Here is our Sun!
And look -  see how the planets are dangled around it
        and held in their intricate dance?
There is our Earth.



Its blueness soothes the sharp burn in your eyes,
its contours remind you of


That soft roundness,
The comfort of ocean and landmass.

      Picture the world.

Older than she ever thought that she‘d get.
She looks at herself as she spins.
Arms leaded with trophies
of her most successful child.

The pylons and mines,

the power-plants shimmer in her still, cool breath.

Is that a smile
        playing across her lips?“

Ausschnitt aus dem Langgedicht
Let Them Eat Chaos
von Kae Tempest